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Our Brazilian Keratin Treatments are 100% FORMALDEHYDE FREE and  are washed on the same day, therefore; it is safer and will provide our customers with an active lifestyle, the comfort they need.


Q. How long will the treatment last?

It should last up to three months depending on the client’s hair type.


Q Can I wash the hair after the application with any shampoo?
Yes, but if you use our maintenance line Shampoo, conditioner, and leave in the treatment might last longer since the product is also thermo active.


Q How many times should I flat iron the hair?
Wavy hair about 5 times per hair section. Curlier hair about 10 times per hair section.


Q Will the hair the permanently straight after it has been washed?
No. Since the product is thermo active, you will need the heat of the blow drier to make the hair straight.


Q  Can I use this product in chemically treated hair?
Yes. This product is safe to be used in chemical treated hair.


Q Should I color or highlight hair before or after a Treatment?
You should first apply color or do highlights in the hair.  However, we recommend you do the hair cut after the application is completed.